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Don’t waste your time

The game is horrible has an insane amount of ads, glitchy gameplay it will make you want to break your phone like it did with me don’t buy it there is no point to it you’ll pretty much never win and will barely have any enjoyment while playing so just don’t waste your time with this horrible app it’s one of the worst games I have ever played. Also the spawning is horrible and will spawn you right in the middle of several people and might even spawn you straight into death and you just get another opportunity to watch your thousandth ad for the day.

A little to much ads

I love it but every time I touch no when I die I still get an ad so can y'all put no ads

I Bought the no ad and it doesn’t work

When I bought the no ad button it kept on giving me ads

As during gameplay

I’ve been playing this game for some time now. It’s a great mindless diversion and can be lots of fun. While nobody likes ads, I understand they are necessary to pay for free apps like this. And up until today I’ve felt the ads weren’t too bad. Every 2-3 games you get an ad. No big deal. That all changed this morning. I was working on one of the challenges when an ad appeared on the screen DURING GAME PLAY. Not only did it cover an important part of the screen, I kept hitting it with my thumb while working the controls and it launched the ad, losing the game for me. This happened three or four times and now I’m done. I will check back later to see if that feature is gone, but I will not play again with that ad in my way. Period.

Avatar glitches

I love playing this game but it won’t count the days or let me get certain avatars despite completing whatever goal I need to complete. I’ve tried deleting it and reinstalling it but it doesn’t work. I also can’t seem to update my new high score? I keep getting over 50% of the Board but it still says 38% is my highest


The way you lose in this game is absolutely stupid

More advertisements than actual game play

The amount of ads they run on this game is ridiculous. I’ve never played a game with so many ads.

Controls are delayed

Whenever I swipe the it will delay the turn or it won’t detect at all of the way I swipe, it is a fun game but the control/response needs to be fixed

Love this game but few app issues.

I love the spin this game makes on the original Snake game. I have been playing for years and seen this game go through several major updates and availability upgrades. I give this game 5 stars because the most annoying little bug to me still doesn’t affect game play and is just more of a personal shtick, see below. The one thing that bothers me is the inability to keep the “characters” I unlock through each of these major updates. I don’t mind re-earning them, which is fairly easy, and it doesn’t affect my ability to play the game. However, this time I don’t seem to get my cubicorn back, which is my favorite character, despite logging in and playing every day for over 7 consecutive days. This might be a small bug, but I may not be the only one experiencing this.




This an amazing game and I can’t stop playing it



No mor adds please

I love playing and especially with the challenges but what I hate is that there is always and add in the side and also the time where it never goes away is when I’m doing level 9 the reach the end challenge. It really gets in the way

Bets game ever

I love this game but the only thing I don’t like about it is that there are so much lines

kiwi 🥝

I absolutely love this game! I’ve had it for about 1 year & I play it every single day 💛 One thing that I don’t really understand is that I can’t get the unicorn 🦄 or hamburger 🍔 or even the rose 🌹:(( But then I also got the App on my moms phone and I got all of them ??🤨 So maybe it’s just a glitch perhaps. Like when it counts the days it will restart on 1 every single day 🌼 but that’s my only problem!! If you are depending, on getting the game get it NOW ITS AMAZING 😉 and that’s why I give it 5 stars ⭐️ ily 💙

Delete in 3 mins

before figure out the control, then die, watch ads every time. died 3 times within 1s. my 3 minutes include 7 ads time. what a shame

Do what people say every day

You will be the only person that will be your favorite to your favorite person on your favorite day and your name is a good day for me and your name will never happen again and again will never happen again and I love your life so I can do that again again I will be the best of my best to ever love love

Work time game

This game must be played to kill time at work


I don’t like it when you say you don’t want to have another chance to play but you still have a video to watch when I click no

Very fun game

I love this game a lot its fun and simple and there aren't too many ads. One thing i would change is that ads pop up in the middle of games sometimes but rarely and i die when that happens. Other than this i would recommend it.

Add this!!!!!

The game is fun and you should really get it but add a game mode Myers your in a server all by your self so you can mess around

The game is great but I don’t understand the age restrictions

I used to have this game I am now 11 years old and when I had downloaded this game I was 10 and the age restrictions were 4+ so I was definitely able to download this game I had deleted it to clear out my storage and after I had done that I would download this game once again but since my mom put restrictions on my iPad I was not able to download anything 12+ and that was fair since I was only 10 but when I went back to go download some of the games that I had deleted I saw that I wasn’t able to download any games made by voodoo and that maybe me mad since before when I had downloaded those games I was fine but all of a sudden I’m not and I hated that especially because this game was one of my favorites and now I can’t even play it I have talked to my mo and she said you just need to lower your age restrictions because nothing on her is inappropriate


I love this app I love it thanks for it love it omg

Great but..

Th ads suckkkkkkkkkk there are sooo many. I love this game and recommend it to anyone but the ads!!! Dude I’m not paying to get rid of them, and they pop up so u can’t see your right side!

This game is so fun if your mad this calm you and the music maybe if it could like pause the game and let one of the people choose a song would be great besides that I 🦄🌈❤️ this game

Fix game

1.doesn't let me turn I deleted game and not ever getting it again

Great game

This is a great game, however I got 62% and a couple hours later I went to change my skin to the one when you get 50% or higher and it wasn’t there, then I checked my top score and it was still 41%. This has never happened before, it is still a great game!

waaaay too many ads

its as if every game i have to sit through a 30 second ad that i cant skip.

One thing

I like this game a lot, but I have one problem. Sure, I get ur trying to advertise your other games, but when there’s that little box on the side with the ads on it I always click it and it brings me to the tab with that game. By the time I get back on I did it makes me rage. And it could just be my bad clumsiness, but I’m sure it’s happened to other ppl before too. I’m just asking that maybe u can put it only on the home screen. Thank u!

This game suckk

Dum game


Fun but to many bots that pop up and ruin your game at the end

Love the game but..

The gam is extremely good but every now and then the game crashes

Fun and Addictive Game but Super Annoying

This game is very addictive but, there are a lot of things that I would like to be fixed to make this game even better. First off, the glitches. I get every game has glitches sometimes, this game has way to many for my liking. Here are four glitches I will talk about. When your game or server is just fine the game pauses while it paused your moving but you can't control your character but when it unpauses either something pops up or you just automatically die. Secondly, why is there ads popping up in the middle of a game causing you to die? 🤷‍♀️ I know I don't know. We need answers. Third, when you are on your surface, no one's supposed to be able to kill you right? Oh! But guess what's happening. Exactly. And finally about all of the glitches, why when I watch an add to keep going I either automatically die or still start over but in the same server. Done talking about glitches and lets have our last SHORT talk about the stupid amount of ads there are. Every time I die I get a thirty second ad that I always get on other games that I don't ever want to download have already downloaded. Anyway, I hope all of these things get fixed so that this game can as I said be even better. Thank you for your time

Great game but....

There are to many adds but besides that it is an AWSOME

This game is SOOOOO FUN

This game is soo soo fun because you can make your own traitory and take over other peoples place. I recommend getting this game because it is so fun Also, you can get your own skins to use, witch I think is cool because I like making my own characters. But I have only one complaint, and that is THERE ARE TO TO MANY ADDS. Its super annoying. After every round there is an add, but I still like the game and I recommend getting it.

I love it

I love this game

Horrible spawning. Reminds me of MW2

Super fun but the spawning has gotten waayyyyy out of hand. Recently the bots have started spawning INSTANTLY in the exact same spot I JUST killed a bot in. No more than 5 squares out I killed a bot and it was supposed to be a basic turn and go back, but I didn't go a couple squares before one spawned in the same spot in the perfect direction and killed me. I get the spawning is part of the strategy, but that's just ridiculous. If it keeps happening it won't be fun anymore.

Zero stars

This is the stupidest game I have ever played. There is no point and obviously it is not realistic for anyone to win. The game is basically set up against you and it again is VERY STUPID. The creator of this game was not very creative. The person also makes everyone frustrated once they realize there is no way for them to win. I hate this game.

Bad app

Worst game ever so glitchy, so many ads, and so not fun. I hate this app worst thing ever!!!


I love this game so much I would love it if you could sponsor me btw I am in love with this


Good game but way too many ads. Start Run into wall or get killed immediately upon Look at the Ad, ad, ad.... too many freaking ads! And an ad should not make you wait to watch their stupid video then wait more once it’s done to play a demo that is in no way shape or form even remotely identical to the real game then wait for a second ‘x’. Get it together!

No true opponents

The players are not real people. And yet there are players named Hitler... 🤔 Loved the game before I realized it works offline and the opponents are BS.


This game is amazing! I love how it doesn’t need WiFi to play. Whenever I’m bored I take out my phone and play. Also, I love how if you die you can just watch a video and act like nothing ever happened. 5 stars!!!

Addictive but could use improvements

I loved this game from the start. But I was so disappointed that the other players were ai bots. At first I really thought they were real until I was without internet and they were still playing. Hmmm. And seriously, what have avatars if only I can see it??? We should be able to pick the color. So it is still fun but here are some improvements. First, make it so you can earn extra lives. Like at 30%, 50% and even 80%. Make those free, no ad watching. It is frustrating to play for 10-15 minutes and then get killed at 85% by a rogue new bot. Another feature could be a speed boost. Maybe for 1-2 seconds when an enemy is coming. I found some strategies, leave the big guys alone. Take their space but don't kill them. They will more or less leave you alone and have more space to move around. The small guys are crazy and erratic, more likely to go rogue and get you. Leave 2-3 squares for wall space. Why take the risk of hitting the wall every time. You will get to 98% and then go around the wall. But still after having this for a year and paying for the upgrade, I am still disappointed. For those who didn’t pay, stop playing. Don’t let the ads generate the revenue for the makers. Look at other reviews. They all say the same thing, “addicting game but....” I’m done! Adios!


Couldn’t even players popped up every two seconds

fun game

fun game thats sometimes laggy. would really enjoy multiplayer.


I Love This Game!!!!!!!!!!! 😍


So i love this game its so addicting and i want to get all the characters but i finished all the challenges but i dont have the reindeer watermelon etc and i have a ton of characters but on the birthday cake one is says that i dont have any characters so please fix this cause it is very annoying


Are the other little cubes really people or just robots programmed?



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