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Ads are irritating

This game is great and I understand that ads help pay for it but putting it in the challenges is annoying. I’ve gotten close to beating a challenge quite a few times and then would accidentally click on the ad that’s about 40% of the screen and would die. That’s the most ridiculous place to put an ad.

Never getting another voodoo game any time soon

The game would be potentially good, but the flaws outweigh the fun. There are way too many advertisements (plus when it asks you to watch an ad to keep playing and you say no, it still shows an ad), the AI people spawn way too close, and usually the exit buttons for advertisements don't work.

This app is so awesome and so cool

I just wanna p Play all day long

Loved it from the start!

I love this game! It’s a refreshing take on the snake game concept and has a lot to offer both as a casual game and a game you dedicate time to deliberately. I can’t even tell you how excited I was when I got that 100% first place gold avatar, and every additional challenge just made it all the more fun. I will say, though, that I wish the challenges didn’t kick you out as soon as you hit your goal. I’d love to try to get 100% in the special map, or play more with slow, fast, or inverted controls, because once you complete the challenges, they aren’t nearly as fun. I do still really enjoy it the game, but some updates would be nice for sure!


Doesn't work

Won't even download. Tried for an hour. Don't play

Awesome is a wonderful game vodoo make the best games I have bet played I highly recommend this game to people who like a challenge😁


So, the game itself is great and very time consuming. I love the little characters you can earn and such. But, however, I was doing really great in the one game I was playing. I had killed many people including the king and the 2nd and 3rd place people. Then a little guy popped up right between a player and I and to be honest I was very mad. Because the player that was randomly put there, killed me and the player beside me. I was really mad because this wasn't my fault at all. Please either put a limit to people per square/ game or make sure players aren't placed right beside each other. Thanks.

Ad placement

Challenge level 22 has a banner ad that is 1"x1" on the right side of the screen, making it impossible to pass this level.

They fixed it again!

The ads were bugged but it got fixed so it’s back to its old wonderful self again! Love this app when its working well!

fun app

fun game but there are too many ads

Great game

It is a great game fun to play it helps pass time. But there is one problem it is that there are way to many ads. It is almost imposable to beat the game and your not really playing with other players. It is very fun I would play this on long road trips it really does help pass time.


this game is so fun i wish u can make more like this

Commercials? Yes. Too many.

Love this game but when commercials overtake the fun of progress within an app, time to go bye-bye. Delete. A few are tolerable but this crosses the line in my book.

Way too many ads!

The amount of ads in this game is ridiculous, don't even bother downloading it. I don't mind them being after the game, but they literally put ads in the middle of the screen where I'm playing so that I'll accidentally click on them. I don't recommend.

Best game ever

It’s so addictive I can’t stop playing this app it’s so fun

Double ad paywall?!

I paid to remove ads and it removed them after each game launch, but they still have ads for respawns. I paid for no ads, that’s not what I got. I want my money back.

Hi I’m lily and I will be writing a review for I cannot talk to you about it but I can do it so I have to say it’s amazing so get it byb

It’s good

The game is really fun and a great time killer. But there’s one thing, The ads on the sides and really annoying, whenever I’m doing challenges I accidentally swipe my finger on it and it opens the the play store to open it, please find a way to fix it, Other than that, The game is really fun

The BEST!😎

This game is so amazing and it can be very challenging because you always want to be the king or queen.

Fun but needs some things changed

So over all the game is good. But u can't pause. If u are king/queen in the game and u have to quickly do something than u have to purposely lose. And once I spawned into the game inside of somebody else's area and imediately lost. Also, I think the challenges are cool, but u shouldn't have to use the challenges to get another color, like the donut. The challenges should earn u coins. And then u could use the coins to buy more colors/skins. You could also earn coins by becoming king/queen. Please consider some of this. If some was changed than⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Best Game Ever!!

This is an Awesome game. Everyone should play it. I think there should be an upgrade soon. A lot of my friends play it and they love💖 it!! Eat Game Ever!!!!

I luv it



Ehh it’s alright

The one thing that annoys me is the adds on the side of the screen! Whenever I’m playing I always end up pressing it and almost always getting killed!


People killed me when I was trying to cover the whole map at once

Really disappointed

Really boring after a couple of minutes and really is repetitive. Don’t recommend for anyone.

To laggy

It’s WAY to laggy

To many ads

I really enjoy this game but, in my opinion, it has to many ads...and if anything, to many of the SAME ads. But as long as the game is good then I don’t mind that much. Also, I would like to request that the developer please add more avatars. It would be pretty cool if you could have a customizable one too. I hope you consider my ideas. Good luck other players who are reading this!

Love game, ad free isn’t ad free.

I never ever pay for anything in the App Store. But this game was so awesome I paid to remove ads. And I STILL HAVE ADS! It was a waste of $3. If you’re charging for ad free, there should be NO ADS. #EndRant

Hate money games!!😟😡🤬🤬🤬😡😡😤

This game my friend deleted and it was first free!!!! Then when l came back, it was $2.99🤬🤬🤬🤬l will try to re get it but l don’t know if I can afford it!!!!😡


The skins can’t be unlocked the chocolate cake one every time you leave the game and come back it resets same thing with the unicorn if the game was actually good and I could get the skins then I would play it

Awesome but could do without revive ads

I paid to have ads removed and I still have to watch ads for an extra life or revive. Not too happy about that. But overall a fun and competitive game. Consider removing revive ads!!!!

It’s amazing but

I love this game but I highly suggest you remove ads as they get soooo annoying. Also How Do You unlock the donut!i don’t understand cause it says crash 15 times with the cops car but they don’t specify what they mean. Also, more skins please.

Really fun but...

I LOVE this game absolutely obsessed but it would be so much better if there weren’t so many adds I have been playing for over two years now and I’m sooooo annoyed 😒 by these adds. Every single time I die. And when I kill some one else another person respawns and this is annoying because it’s like the person you got just cheated and didn’t die pls fix these problems. Thank you

Very fun, and takes more strategy than other simple games

Requests: pause button, iPhoneX support. I also wish the edge wasn’t fatal. It just distracts from the main game which is the other players.

Love this game but.....

I don't like this game I LOVE IT but there's a reason I gave 4 stars the avatars that are like get 15 avatars and stuff aren't working

Too Many Long Ads

Ads are expected, but not at least 30 second ad almost every time you lose even if only alive for a few seconds. Reduce them to be reasonable or lose players that give you revenue through ad watching.

Awesome game but.....

IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT GETTING THIS GAME.,,, awesome choice. But Beware..... constant adds. It’s sickening how many adds there are. Just please limit add amount. I might just delete this. 😞 disappointing game .

Garbage spawns

Anytime you start actually getting a hold of a decent amount of space, it spawns something right underneath you/unavoidable so you lose.

Like the game

I love the game but it has so many adds.😀😡

I have one problem and a suggestion

The problem: Every time I re login my progress to unlock the birthday cake and donut is deleted. Please fix this. The suggestion: You should make a create your own skin then have a contest to see which one will be official. All you have to do is create one in the game,name it, then put what you need to do to unlock it unless you’re the creator this go on every month!

This game succ

This game literally succ me


I love this game because it’s so cool and fun. Is this the Voodoo company? If it is I LOVE your other game Helix jump I play that everyday it’s amazing I will write a review on that too! This is my fav game company!

Best and most addictive app that I’ve played!

I’ve played this game for a week ..And I’m already addicted ! It’s so fun to complete goals and get new skins 🤩😱🤪😝


The Extra Life doesn’t work, it glitches, and over all its very stressful. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼


Too many ads


Please cut down on a ads a bit. It is overflowing with ads in this game

I love it but........

I hate how every time u die u always go straight to a add! I love it but there is a few bugs but it’s good!

Ugh 😑

This used to be a wonderful game and back then I would give it 5 stars but now it is just terrible. The game glitches so much so it is not as fast as it used to be and there are so many adds it makes me so mad. Do you really want to pay $3 to stop all the adds or are you going to suffer though them. And it is almost the same add playing over and over and over again. It can drive anyone crazy. UGH 😑 THIS GAME USED TO BE SO MUCH FUN BUT NOW UGH 😑 😑😑😑😑😑🤨😫😩😠😳😖😣☹️😒😐😬🙄👎🙅‍♀️

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