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Too many ads

Ads too many

Game is the best

I love this game


I really love this game! I’m so addicted to it. And I releases all the stress from me and it gets to be a good time and a great game!!

Great game !!!!!!!!!!!


Better than paper oi 2

Terrible Touch!!

I am an experienced player andI just can’t control this at all. You could do better VooDoo. 🙁

Really could use an update or something

I really liked this game when I first got it, that was until it started getting slow, taking forever to load the game or challenges and now ads keep popping up while I’m in the middle of playing either causing me to die or the game to stop and glitch.

Good Game




Too many ads

Forced to watch an ad every few seconds.


It is a great game and I love however once I get to about 16 or 17 percent it glitches and starts me back at zero

Trendy game but glitches ruin it

There’s a glitch that doesn’t let you get past 50% of the map and it “re-spawns” you without an actual base. So, you “glitch die” and don’t even get rewarded for having covered 50% of the map. Furthermore, the app doesn’t recognize the days you play it so you can’t unlock the characters for playing consecutive days. /:


so glitchy randomly dies and so many ads

Didn’t get what I paid for

Still have ads even though I paid the $2.99 for no ads


My opponents disappear, so I cannot see where they are to avoid them. I deleted it. Don’t waste your time.

I love this game!

THIS GAME is epic!



How to stop ads

Just turn on airplane mode, the ads stop! I love this game so much!!!


I saw this game advertised while playing Toon Blast and decided to check it out. I am glad I did. This game is sooo addicting! I have some suggestions if I may. Would it be possible to play against friends? I have already turned my friend on to this game but sometimes we wish we could play each other and not just random people. Also, can there be more challenges added like maybe adding different crowns when you are deemed the king and the ability to chose my basic square color. The cow is my favorite but sometimes I like to be the original square and it would be nice if You could pick your own color for it. The other downside is the game seems to glitch and blanks out my whole area. It’s like I can be at 35% and then my whole area goes blank. I don’t die but it makes me start all over again taking over new territory. And last but not least, can you please add sounds...i don’t know what kind but the silence gets old. Thank you so much for creating this game and making it fun to play.

This is what is going on

People are being rude and killing me right after I get on and it is driving me crazy because I am still getting used to the controls and it’s making me cry it’s that bad

Paper I.o

TOO MANY ADDS 🤯 Take the adds away

Best Game ever!

The only reason I got this game was because my friend was playing it one day day at break and she was absolutely OBSESSED! So i downloaded it and I am so glad I did! 👍🏽👍🏽


Great for passing the time

Still getting ads

Paid but getting ads - proceed with caution

AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good...Great...Awesome! When I first got the game I was like “ what is this mess?” Take that back... When I first started there were no challenges you had to buy skins and it wasent as organized meaning that it wasent as smooth working! Now I’m in love with the game! And also... I really super want to get 2!!! YESSSS... 2! I’m going to check it out soon! Work on this please.... I don’t mind the adds but 2.99 for no adds!? I would rather have adds then spending all my money on no adds!

Super fun 😃😃😃😃😝😝😝

Not sure what’s going on

So I have the original and like some of the upgrades. Like if part of your land gets cut completely off it is gone. But what I can’t understand is how when I have 20% or more and working in an area all of a sudden all my land disappears. And no place to go.




There is too much ads, I barely get enough playing time because of all the ads this has.

I love this but....

This game is so much fun I enjoy playing it but once I hit a high number like 50% it erases all my color and it starts me over at 0% and it get me mad every time please fix it :(

So Amazing/fun!!

Its a good time saver and VERY fun! I really recommend this to everyone!

It’s okay, but-

I enjoy the game very much but there is one con that I have come across so far. Whenever you complete a challenge, you unlock a character. When I first downloaded the game, everything worked fine. My characters were coming in and all was great. A few days in, I have come to a conclusion that a lot of the times my character would not unlock even though I have completed the challenge. This may not be a big deal to people who couldn’t care less about characters, but I on the other hand find this quite aggravating because when I download a game, I play the game till it’s finished. Whether it’s levels, challenges, characters, etc. Overall, the app is great and very addictive.

Major Glitch

Paying the game doing fine and all of a sudden all my mass just disappears and all I got left is a line and no safe place. Really need to fix this!

Annoying ad

I love this app. It’s super addicting and keeps me entertained for long periods of time. But now there’s an annoying ad that literally stays on the screen and never goes away. And it’s not way down below where you can ignore it, it’s on the right side where my finger is usually swiping. Meaning I always accidentally tap it, the page for the ad opens, and by the time I get rid of it I’m dead. I don’t know whose stupid idea it was to place an ad there, but I’ve never seen a game or any other app have such a horrible ad placement.

Addicting game

Love the game but a lot of the skins will not unlock for me. I’ve literally played everyday in a row for weeks and the “play 5 days in a row” and others like it are still locked for me. There are others too. The challenges are fun, would like some more or the option to play on a different map, like the one with obstacles. I’ll give it five stars when all the skins will unlock for me, I just want to be a unicorn. 🦄

It’s fun but it glitches.

This game is really fun. However, when I get to like 20% the game glitches and my “land” disappears. It’s like it starts all over

Super fun game

I love this game so very much accidentally deleted it and I was so mad if you want this game be prepared to be super distracted from everything else is game is fun but there are lotta ads so if you’re new to this game you should get it just be prepared for the ads🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂👍👍👍👍👍💡💡💡

Hmm I guess kind of good

Okay okay I like it but it’s a hard game I think there should be some updates

Some issues.

Love the game but there is some issues such as, not saving my new high score, not saving the avatars whenever I unlock them. When I try to unlock the avatars that you need to play so many consecutive days in a row, it doesn’t save each day. It will say “1 out of 7”, then I’ll get on the next day, and it will go back to 0 so I’m not able to unlock those.

Read before getting

This is one of the first io games that actually got my attention even better than slither io did This is a really good game and I really recommend getting it. But the cons... the ads in this game are insane and just my opinion I HATE ads and I do not like them but for those people that don’t mind we’ll ok. I think it would be a really good idea to add difficulty’s because I’m kinda a god at it (not bragging) and I’m up for a challenge. Online mode? What do you think. I think it would be a great. I have not experienced lag yet so that’s good. Other else than adds this game is really good and I really really recommend getting it 👍👍👍

Good game. Annoying glitches.

I really like this game, first off. I always play it when boredom sets in. Very addicting. However, I was having an issue with the gameplay being very glitchy even after closing and restarting the app. Maybe it is just because everyone else is playing at the same time. Either way, would be nice for it to run smoother so I don’t die as soon as it starts freezing. My biggest thing is unlocking avatars. Every time I fulfill the objectives in order to open up certain avatars, the status bar says I haven’t completed the challenge. It stays at “0/15” all the time no matter how many things I do. Also, it tells me I unlocked certain avatars and when i go to use them, it says I still need to unlock that avatar. Idk kinda turning me off honestly. It is like, why try so hard to do good at this game if it doesn’t even reward you anything? I even uninstalled and reinstalled it today in hopes that this new download would count my progress properly, but still not letting me unlock avatars. Might uninstall permanently unless problems are fixed. And No I don’t want the newer paper.io2. That one is even more glitchy than this one. Please fix.

I don’t get it..

With all your i.o games... they are all 12 and up. There is nothing bad in them, nothing plz fix this, plz respond to tell me if I’m wrong.


The ads to the side of the screen won’t go away and get in the way and I can’t see. The game is very fun though.

How much people love

People love your game because you can be king or queen

Harder to play on iPad

Pc is easier and more fun. Once you get to 30%, it’s too hard to grow because this version allows too many players to spawn in and take your domain.



Awesome game but a few bugs

This game is addictive and super fun! I wish I could play with friends. But there are some bugs to be worked out, when my area grows large it gets big glitchy spaces and sometimes completely disappears altogether :////


I keep trying to play it. But every single time I get a little far on the map my whole area disappears! It’s frustrating I guess I’m done with this game since it hasn’t been fixed yet.


Paid for no ads but they still pop up CONSTANTLY!!! Annoying and frustrating!!! Will never buy from this developer again.

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