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Kind of disappointed.. 😕😐

As much as I love the incredible, addicting game and all but every time it asks me “would you like to watch an ad to continue?” I always say no, but what’s the point if you have to watch a 20-30 second ad anyways? 🤔 And the bots are faster than you and they can do tricks - such as moving in zigzags and other things -. As I said it’s an incredible game it has some problems that needs to be fixed in the next update - such as the bots moving faster than you, and doing tricks like zigzags and other things - I hope this problem is fixed. 🤗🤔

😀 Amazing!!!!

PLEASE READ THE HOLE THING!!!!! Great app!!!! I hade it on my iPad when it first came out so when I got my phone it was one of the first things I downloaded. It unfortunately has stopped working on my iPad though. (I’m twelve years old and I literally cried!!!!!) I love it so much!!!!! 😍😍😍😍 It’s super easy to get more characters unlike most similar apps. My only problem is adds. (But if turn on airplane mode they will disappear.😉) Even though it no longer works on my iPad I frequently use it on my phone and it has no problems glitches nothing which is pretty good for a free app. I think the reason it stopped working on my iPad was because my iPad is old. (I don’t think it was the fault of the app itself however I would still enjoy clarification on this theory. Also if you’ve ever played you’d know how popular that was and for good reason. Well I would say from someone how has played both (and loves both) that is better!!!!!!!! It’s more addicting ( which I didn’t think was possible) and the online version has less glitches. ( The computer version) THANKS SOOOOO MUCH FOR READING!!!!!!


So addicting

Fun game, but something to consider

I really liked the game and it was super fun, but I had to delete it because of all the inappropriate names people use.

I love this game so much it's just.......

Ok so this game is completely wonderful it's just there's one thing. The birthday cake figure. To get it, you have to earn 30 other avatars. It says I've earned 0 even though I've earned 17. Please fix this bug and I will change my opinion. Thanks.

Addictive game, but a few requests...

You guys should really check this game out. I haven’t been able to put it down for a month😂, just a few requests though, If there were a map in the corner of the game, preferably one that allowed you to see where your color territory island you can see where you are, but you cannot see your opponents. It would make the game much more competitive and more enjoyable to the public.

Very addicting but sucky....

This game is so fun but it needs so many improvements. There is a tone of bots in one game. Like you can’t even go around the perimeter without someone killing you. And another this are those stupid ads. When it asked you to watch an ad to keep playing, and you click no, THERE SHOULDN’T be an ad anyways! It’s so buggy and freezes constantly. I’ve played this game a lot and when I played it for the first time on my new iPhone, I got 100%. But it froze when it said congrats. So I restarted the game AND IT DIDN'T SAVE MY HIGH SCORE! And I think that it’s stupid that you have to do certain things to get new characters. Like who can get exactly 24%? It’s really dumb. I’m giving this 2 stars because the problems outlaw the positives. Sorry please fix these things!

SO BUGGY! Don’t buy.

It’s an addictive game. But it’s somewhat inconsistent. Sometimes complicated routes don’t claim space. Other times, only the route is claimed; not the space enclosed by the route. Most annoying is when you sit through an ad and, afterward, the game freezes. This game balances addition with annoyances so long as it’s free. DO NOT BUY!

FUN GAME!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁

I know most reviews say too much adds but it is still sooooo fun! I play it a lot. Share there are adds but that does not stop it from being fun. I hope you love it as much has I do.

Stupid and pointless

Denied watching and add a gave me one. Pointless because all your doing is makin a line. Try harder on a game

App Crashes after Ads

App crashes after watching ad to earn extra life. Making watching the ad totally pointless.

(iPhone 7) Newest two updates are updates are killing me!

Update from yesterday and today both have new issues with iPhone 7. Swiping pulls down top notification menu and camera. Infuriating when playing and top notification tab comes down in the middle of the game!! The update just now was hopefully to fix this newest sabotage, but no... game now locks up at the end and it cannot be closed or restarted, in attion to the top notification drop menu stopping the game. Newest two updates are killing me!!!!!!

Misleading Facebook Ad

This app does not have the same content that the Facebook ad showed. It’s disappointing that a company needs to lie about it’s game to get people to download it.


I fkn Love this game lol addictive af

Don’t bother downloading this until they fix these problems.

When I first downloaded it I thought it was going to be the same version as the computer. I was wrong. When I first loaded up the game I enjoyed it. Once I upgraded to my iPhone X it started annoying me with the Poot attempt to try to make it compatible. When you start it up the notch blocks part of the screen which shouldn’t happen. The bar that tells you your best score is blocked. Another complaint is that you always spawn too close to the bots or the bots spawn too close to you. It already happened to me that when I spawned in the bot just so happened to enclose me and made his territory surrounding me which ended killing me since I just spawned in. Another time I spawned in and when I did I killed another bot Instantly. Sometimes when I try to respawn the game freezes and i have to boot it up again. My last complaint is that when I die, I get a option saying if I want to get a second life but if I do I have to watch an ad. Which I don’t mind. But what I do mind is if when I click the button to not get a second life I get an ad immediately after that. This has happened to me four or five times already and is getting annoying. I recommend playing the website version and not this.


I'd give this five stars, but you ruined that chance with the adds. I don't recommend downloading this game if you have little patience or if you hate adds. I swear, I'll be playing the game for 15 or so seconds, i'll die, BOOM! Heres a 20 second add! Every time! Theres always adds every time you die! Unless you die in the first 5 seconds it seems! Also, why do the bots get more ways to move then us? The bots can be in their space and move back, then forth, or the other way around, super quickly, but when I try it I die or hit a wall, every time I try! Then you go back to the add part; ton of adds. Also the bots spawn RIDICULOUSLY CLOSE to you! They spawn literally right next to you and kill you! What?! Not fair! At least make it so not so many spawn right next to you! The only things I like about this game is that it's addicting. However, even customizing your character is messed up! I have OVER 15 characters but the love envelope is still not unlocked! Why?! Plus it would be nice if you could add some more avatars/characters, like a bunny or dog, or cat, pony, fish, fall leaf, fox, co-co, choclate? Also, maybe add servers because it would be way more fun then playing against hacker bots. Unless you fix this, my suggestion to everyone is; DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS BUGGY GAME!!😡😡😡👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

Lag ruins it

Half the time after I die and I click that I want to watch a video for an extra life it freezes up and I have to reopen the app. It also just generally freezes a lot after you die. It’s ridiculous really.




This game is fun but the bots are super op and spawn inside of your line and it’s ridiculous to charge 3$to remove adds when other more popular apps olny charge 99¢

Extremely addictive

This game is extremely addictive and frustrating until you get the hang of it.


fun game but whats with all the ads? 40 seconds of commercials for every 10 seconds of gameplay...

Super Addictive, fun game.

I wish this game had a leaders board... like an average percentage by turn or something? I don’t know... anyhoo, really fun game. It’s addictive and competitive. Worth it.


I was addicted to this game, but then I got a really high score 32%! But when I get a high score and die the game freezes, and I have to refresh the page! Which gets rid of the high score! I’m deleting this app it is HORRIBLE

Ungenerous — don’t pay to remove ads

Super fun game. But when you pay $3 to remove ads, it only removes half of them. No more ads when you get a game over, but you still have to watch one to get a second try.


It was fun at first but then every other time I would die, the app would freeze. So I deleted it and bought it again to no surprise nothing changed it’s annoying as crap to force quit the app every single time.

Fun until you figure it out

If you watch a YouTube video of how to beat the game you will get it in no time but it will become boring. It has fake multiplayer. You might think you are playing against others but you are not. So I paid for add free but you still have to watch a video after you die once to keep going.

Glitchy & Unnecessary Amount of Ads

I understand that free games need ads, but there is an ad after every game (15-30 seconds each, or up to 60 seconds if you want to “continue” a round). That’s insane. On top of that, the game is glitchy and freezes all the time, requiring a restart.

I hated

I hated. They show me another game in the ad.

So Glitchy

This is a really fun game but it's so glitchy where you can't turn hardly and die easily. And once u die the adds come up and take u out of the whole game! Please fix! ☹️


This game would be a great way to pass some time and it has the potential of being addictive, but the amount of ADS this dang game makes you watch is absolutely ridiculous. Ok, maybe I understand watching an AD for an extra life, but to watch an AD even though you have to start over completely. I'm not mad about losing because I'll have to start over I'm mad because I don't want to get stuck watching a 3 minute long advertisement. It totally ruins the game. The minute you lose you have to deal with an AD. WHY MAKE A QUESTION BOX WHEN WE LOSE ASKING US IF WE WANT TO WATCH A VIDEO FOR AN EXTRA LIFE IF YOURE GOING TO MAKE US WATCH ONE REGARDLESS???!! Definitely deleted this game. If I were you, I wouldn't waste my time. There are other better games with less ADS!


This is a very fun game. However whenever you die, every single time you get an ad. But worst of all the ads are glitched and you don't see the video so, whenever the ad is done I can't exit out of it.

I tried, really tried to like it.

I’ve always liked games like this, I was really eager to download it. Then I found the controls don’t work, and it kills me off for NO REASON. I really tried to like it, but it was really bad.


This game is really fun and a great way to pass your time. But there is one giant problem. There is so many adds. And it’s the same adds. Add after add after add. They need to fix that problem. It’s the most annoying thing.

Too much adds

Tek it easy on the adds will ya

good game but not adds

stop putting adds its bs

Power killer & Phone warmer 😡😡😡

I love this game much. But it's a power killer also it's turning my phone hot 🔥 like a oven 😡😡😡😡

Fun game

I know you can pay for the no ad version but the game is always crashing and freezing ads pop Turing the gameplay

Awesome game.

Simple and fun. It can take up a minute or an hour. Very addicting.

AD scam

I really love the game, but the down side to this cool game is... the ads. I wouldn't be angry if it was just like any other game, with ads. It just bothers me that it says "NO ADS" in BOLD letters, why would you flood me with advertisements when you advertise NO ADS. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. lovin' the game tho


Eventually it gets boring and the spawn wish I could love it but I hate it

I want to have fun with it but I can’t

There are so many ads I feel like there is more advertisement than the actual game itself. Also the game is messed up because for the avatars it will tell me I got the under corn or something so I check and I didn’t get anything. I would have given it one star but I am generous and decided to give it two.

Really good game

I recommend it to everybody

😮 wow

All the adds make it easier to get.I personally think that when you hit the borders we shouldn’t die

Like it but...

I love everything about it! But I don't understand some of the ways to get new characters. Some are hard to understand. I don't like watching all the videos, I feel I see more of other apps and games than the actual game! Other than that it is very good and wonderful to play. I play it a lot during the day... I would really recommend it to all my friends.

This game cheats

When you are taking over someone’s box they get faster and kill you before you can get back. And it has way to many ads. If you want a extra life you have to watch 30 second add then the ai is waiting on you and kill you when you load back in and makes you watch a 30 second add unless you pay. I am not going to be playing this app again


Nov. 13, 2017 Well it's been about 3-4 more updates and this game still lags and glitches badly. I know others who play this and they have the same issue. I don't think they even care anymore. Sept. 27 Updated again and it's now glitching where you cannot control your person or it makes you slow down to be killed. This game is ridiculous and I think I'll stick to minecraft. Sept. 19, 2017 update Just updated for bug fixes. Still glitches. The enemy moves faster than you and your piece moves where it wants when it wants. The ads pop up after every single death and you spend more time watching them then you do playing. It's nothing more than clever click bait. Seeing how this game is still not working correctly I feel this game will never be fixed. Don't play this if you want to actually relax and have some fun. It's frustrating. I'm updating this review. This game glitches bad. I've been kicked off mid game. I've also been put in top of other colors and I've seen other colors be put on others. The game lags badly. It's so bad that you cannot get back to your color because of the glitches. I've also tested this and found that the computer is 2-3x faster than you. It's supposed to be a fun game but in reality it is nothing more than stress. I can see a lot will get frustrated and stop playing this all together.

Add map settings pls

Easily my favorite game on ios currently, but please allow us to change the settings of our own map, such as :speeds-slow, normal,fast: and map sizes such as large, normal, medium, small and perhaps even a bot difficulty, im aware some of these things have been implimented in the challenges, however iv completed practically everything and sometimes i wish i could play fast on a larger map or something, or just go for longer on the special map till i could maybe 100% it

Fun, But

The game can really be fun sometimes and other times it makes you just want to get rid of the game because you almost break 100% and you leave your area for one second to capture some land and someone spawns and takes you out. The spawns are really broken in the game and sometimes killing people in the game is weird because it won’t work often?

Fun little game

This game is great to play for ten minutes or so, but before you ever get to the ten minute sessions you’re gonna get addicted. When I first got this game I played it until the sun came up. After that the game got pretty boring and now I play it much less frequently. Personally the fact that the map boarders kill you, and that the controls lag out are the major hold backs to this game.

Best game ever!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Fantastic!i can’t say anything else

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